Jade & Tom

We still plan to party, just on a new date!

10 April 2021

Our Story

The Bride | Jade Austin

A farm girl from a small town in the Eastern Cape, where she grew up with her family. Her father, who is no longer with us, will always be remembered in the hearts of his family. From the small town to the big city and then to two years in the East. After returning from her adventures and back to the small town, she was briefly introduced to a boy behind the DJ booth. After moving back to the city, that same boy happened to pop in to her housewarming party. Fast forward two and a bit years and once again their paths crossed. It must have been fate. This time sparks flew and she knew that this was the person she was going to spend her life with. After another year and a half together, a trip to the beach and three little furbabies he got down on one knee and made all her dreams come true.

The Groom | Tom Draper

Meet Tom. The KZN boy who would in time sweep Jade off her feet. Tom is from a little town called Pietermaritzburg and ended up studying in Grahamstown, the home town of Jade… Ironically Jade was living in Cape Town during the time but Tom and Jade certainly crossed paths many a time, often without even realising it. One fateful evening, the stars aligned…after one awkward hug, three dates (within four days),…he knew that she was the one. The rest is history…

The Groomsman

The living legends themselves...

Matt Del Grande

Yannick Bryssinck

Chad Cary

Rob Ungethum

Matt Muller

Damian Dafel

The Bridesmaids

Check out these stunners...

Andrea Dale

Dani Harker

Hannah Musket

Katie Burke


Semi formal The terrain is not made for heels so we don't expect them. Jeans are for tomorrow, not our big day. We love your little ones, but how about a night off.

Are You Attending?

Please RSVP by the 26 July 2020​

When & Where

Kasouga, Eastern Cape
26 September

Local Lodgin'

The wedding is over a long weekend, so why not make a holiday out of it!